The Research Problem



Fraenkel J.R. Wallen, N.E


Research problem

Research problem is a problem that someone would like to research.

Research Question

–    Usually many research problems are stated as questions which serve as the focus of research’s investigation.

–    What makes research questions be researchable is data of some sort of information can be collected to answer the questions.

Characteristics of Good Research Questions

Four essential of good research questions: feasible, clear, significant, and ethical.

1. Feasible

That is can be investigated with available resources. Lack of feasibility often seriously limits research effort.

2. Clear

That is unambiguous, specifically define terms used, operational needed, so people can understand what the terms used in a research question mean.

Defining Terms in Research

There are essentially three ways to clarify important terms in a research question:

–      Constitutive definition (dictionary approach, using other words to make what is meant clearer).

–      Definition by example

–      Operational definitions (researchers specify the actions or operations necessary to measure or identify the term)

3. Significant

That is worth investigating. The values of intended research are the possibility of the research question to advance knowledge, to prove education practice and to prove the human condition.

4. Ethical

Research questions frequently (but not always) suggest a relationship to be investigated. A suggested relationship means that two qualities or characteristics are tied together or connected in some way.


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