Classroom Observation in SD Muhammadiyah 1 Palembang

Classroom Observation in SD Muhammadiyah 1 Palembang (First Report)

In this first observation, I and my friend met Mrs Siti Rohimah, head master of SD Muhammadiyah I and Mrs Rosmaini, one of teachers in SD Muhammadiyah 1 that ever joined in training and workshop of PMRI. Mrs Siti Rohimah already became head master in that school on March 2010. Before it, she was a teacher there. They were very enthusiasm with our visiting and observation plan in the next days. We had discussion with both of them about profile of SD Muhammadiyah I, teaching of Mathematics and PMRI there. In that time, they had not able to give complete profile of SD Muhammadiyah I. They said that they would give it in the next week. So, in that meeting we just get information about profile of SD Muhammadiyah I according to what they said.

PMRI in SD Muhammadiyah I

Mrs Siti Rahimah told that SD Muhammadiyah I started to know PMRI on March 2009 after two teachers from that school joined on training and workshop of PMRI. The teachers who joined in that workshop are Mrs Rosmaini, a third grade teacher of Mathematics, and Mr Hermedi, a sixth grade teacher of Mathematics. Mr Siti Rahimah said that after workshop surely she and Mathematics teachers in SD Muhammadiyah 1 want to implemented approaches of PMRI in teaching learning of Mathematics. However, because of a lot of activities in that school, especially during final examination of sixth grade students, they were more concentrated on preparation of final examination. Approaches of PMRI also had not been socialized formally with the others teachers in SD Muhammadiyah 1. Mr. Hermendi as a Mathematics teacher in sixth grade, he had not applied approaches of PMRI in his class because sixth grade students had finished their study. Although in SD Muhammadiyah 1 approaches of Mathematics had not been socialized formally to all mathematics teachers there, teachers who ever joined in workshop of PMRI had shared PMRI methods with others Mathematic teachers. Respond of other teachers were good where they want to learn more about it and they also hope that they can applied it too.

Besides sharing with other teachers in SD Muhammadiyah I, approaches of PMRI also had been tried to be applied by Mrs. Rosmaini. She ever used approaches of PMRI when she taught Mathematics in third grade students in some subjects, namely: multiplication, proportion and array’s number. She told that he ever used cake as a media to teach about proportion. He also ever used floor as a media to teach about array’s number. From her experiences, she told that students enjoyed their activities during Mathematic lesson. High intelligence students were easier to understand their activities and solved problems that had been given. However, other students were still difficult to understand what the matter they discussed. She said that the setting of desk and chair in her class had not use setting of PMRI class. Hence, she had to set desks and chairs whenever she will teach using approaches of PMRI. It was a little hard because she and her students have to manage desks and chairs again before the class were used by other teachers. To solve this matter, she ever used additional time after lessons in class finished. This was to make her and her students were easier to manage the class.

The other matter that Mrs Rosmaini got when she taught Mathematics was the time to teach Mathematics by approaches of PMRI was not enough with available time to teach that subject. It’s because in SD Muhammadiyah 1 Mathematics was taught just one hour a day. In order to solve that matter, she just used one day to activities and introduction about the subject that they learnt then she continued about that subject to more formal matters in other day. She said that surely if she prepared well, she also could taught better and used available time optimally. However, she said that she had not had enough knowledge and experiences to teach Mathematics using approaches of PMRI and had the limited media to apply it. She hope that she can improve her skill and she also hope we as observers can help each her to apply teaching of Mathematic by approaches of PMRI.

After we had discussion with Mrs. Siti Rahimah and Mrs. Rosmaini, we observed class of third grade accompanied by Mrs Rosmaini. She introduced us to the students and she gave us time to introduce more about ourselves. She also gave speech in front of class that in the next week I and my friend would join together in the class to study about Mathematics by approaches of PMRI. She said to her students that the class would be like class that ever she applied before. During this moment, students understood that PMRI class is a class where there are activities like discussion and work together. Heard about that, the students seem so enthusiasm and glad. In that time, Mrs. Rosmaini also said to students that they should be active in the next class where they will learn Mathematic through approaches of Mathematic.

In this first observation, I and my friend just visited Mrs Rusmiyah’s class. This was because Mr. Hermendi’s class was sixth degree and the students had finished their study. In Mrs Rusmiyah’s class, all materials of Mathematic had been given, so in that time student just need to review and do more exercises to prepare their exam. Although like that, in the next weeks on May 28, 2010 and June, 4 2010, before final examination was going on, I and my friend can join with Mathematics teacher to apply approaches of PMRI. In the next week we had plan we would give students material about the area of flat objects, especially about square and rectangle.


In this first observation, I and my friend had discussion with the head master of SD Muhammadiyah 1 and Mathematics teacher of third grade. The discussion was about teaching of Mathematic and plan about implementation of PMRI in SD Muhammadiyah 1. From the discussion, we were permitted to observe class of PMRI there. They hope that approaches of PMRI could be applied soon. It might able to be applied well in the next semester because around two or three weeks again, there was final examination for students of first grade until fifth grade. So, approaches of PMRI in teaching of Mathematic will be discussed and planned more like distribution of time and anything that can support to apply it well. Next weeks on May 28, 2010 and June, 4 2010, Yenny and I would start to observe how teaching learning of Mathematics using approaches of PMRI in third grade.


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